Bands on the Pier

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  • I saw the Rolling Stones on the August Bank Holiday in 1967, they performed on the pier. It was also a weekend when hundreds of Mods and Rockers came to Hastings. It was a very amazing event!

    By John Henshaw (23/08/2017)
  • I came to see the Rolling Stones on the pier, in the ballroom, back in the 60’s. At the time, there was a programme on TV called “Dad, you’re a square, and they advertised in the local paper for people take part. It was held in the White Rock Theatre, called Pavilion in those days, and I went for an audition. As I had seen the Stones and had a strong opinion, I was asked to be on it. Fame at last……….

    By Rosalie Copeland (31/07/2017)

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