'Help save our pier' from Hastings Observer

Hastings Observer headline 'Help save our pier'
The Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust launched a campaign to save the Pier. Their aim was to fundraise and bid for grants to pay for its redevelopment. Local residents were encouraged join and become members of the trust to help show how important the Pier was to the town.

The Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust applied for funding to the Heritage Lottery and were awarded a £11.4 million grant to restore the substructure of the Pier and renovate the remaining building. In August 2013, a Compulsory Purchase Order was enacted and the Pier was returned to local ownership, which enabled the £14m renovation project to go forward. Work was completed in late 2016 and the Pier re-opened in May 2016.

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  • It has shocked me that this has happened, and that you learn something new everyday. I am very happy that Hastings has supported to keep this pier up and running for such a long time.

    By Alex Olejniczak (14yrs) (06/05/2018)

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