A jelly fish in the sea

A jelly fish in the sea
Jellyfish are so called due to the jelly-like material that they are made of, they swim by sucking in water into their bodies, then jetting out underneath and pushing themselves through the water. They catch prey with their tentacles and are found in most oceans and seas around the world.

The beaches around Hastings Pier are full of wildlife and plants, there are many rock pools to discover with an array of interesting species, including molluscs, crustaceans, and sea anemone. This region of the English Channel also supports many important sea fish populations including cod, Dover sole, mackerel and plaice.

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  • this was very useful and interesting

    By molly (16/08/2017)
  • Even though jellyfish are dangerous and can do serious harm to others, they are a pleasure to have in our sea, along with other sea creatures too! And one more thing, please keep the sea clean because when the sea is dirty fish eat it thinking it’s food, when it is poisinus to them.

    By Pietra New (30/10/2016)

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