A local pebble with a hole in

A local pebble with a hole in straight through it
Holes stones are often hung outside of houses for good luck and were once possibly used by white witches as lucky charms to protect against flu-like symptoms. Aleister Crowley, infamous occultist, from Hastings, supposedly cursed the town and said that if you lived in Hastings, you could never truly leave and were destined to return, unless you took a stone with a hole from the beach.

The beaches around Hastings Pier are full of wildlife and plants, there are many rock pools to discover with an array of interesting species, including molluscs, crustaceans, and sea anemone. This region of the English Channel also supports many important sea fish populations including cod, Dover sole, mackerel and plaice.

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  • It is a hag stone, (stone with hole in it) collect them and hang by your front door to keep the witches out.

    By Marilyn Sak. (19/05/2016)

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