Local angler looking for Blow lugworms

Local angler looking for Blow lugworms
Man digging lugworms out of the sand at low tide, by the pier on a very foggy morning. Blow lugworm (Arenicola marina) species of marine worm which are found all around the coastline of the British Isles. They are one of the most popular sea fishing baits. Blow lugworms can be dug from beaches as they leave a tell-tale cast next their borrows which means anglers can easily identify areas where blow lug are plentiful. While all species of fish in UK waters have at one time or another been caught on lugworm this bait has an especially good reputation when fishing for cod, especially when used as part of large cocktail baits.


The beaches around Hastings Pier are full of wildlife and plants, there are many rock pools to discover with an array of interesting species, including molluscs, crustaceans, and sea anemone. This region of the English Channel also supports many important sea fish populations including cod, Dover sole, mackerel and plaice.

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