Dancing to a big band in the Pier ballroom after WWII

When the Pier reopened after the Second World War, in 1947, rationing was still in effect, there was not much money around, and as seen in the photo, it was necessary to stick a few extra dancers in this scene to make the ballroom look full.
East Sussex County Council Library & Information Service

During WWII Hastings seafront became a military zone, and in 1943 25 yards were removed from the centre of the Pier in case of an enemy landing. When the Pier finally re-opened in 1947 wartime austerity was still in effect, as can be seen by the women’s clothing in this photograph.

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  • My Nan (who died a couple of years ago age 104) met my Grandad at a dance in the Pier Ballroom sometime around the period and I myself won a karaoke competition on that stage once as well. Such a shame we no longer have such an iconic venue, aside from the musical side of things it certainly played a vital part in shaping my life as I am sure it did for many other Hastingers…

    By Antony May (06/05/2016)

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