The Great Omani

Memories of Hastings’ most accomplished escapologist.

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  • I was there! Loved it! So many happy childhood and teenage memories.. my parents met on here around the bandstand in 1934.. love at first sight.. Often just pop on the pier if passing.. think Memories Room is greatly improved by being able to sit with a cuppa and enjoy views/history.. Long live Hastings Pier!

    By Sylvia (12/02/2018)
  • Before the rules of health and safety
    Great little video

    By Ida Baker (03/06/2016)
  • Excellent little piece! I had never heard of ‘The Great Omani’ before hearing/seeing this. What a nice way to give us a snapshot of the kind of entertainments that could be found on the Pier in the 50’s…

    By Antony May (04/05/2016)

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