Research Document - Fishing Industry in Hastings

Tush Hamilton a famous local, describes the difference between types of smoked herring. “A bloater is a whole herring that’s been cold smoked to preserve it and is raw but cured when you buy it. A kipper is the same thing, but has been split and gutted. You have to cook both of these when you get home. But a buckling is produced by hot smoking which actually cooks the fish, so you can eat it as soon as you leave the shop.”
Image reproduced with permission of Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

It is highly unlikely that the Hastings Pier has been used for commercial fishing, there is of course a long history of locals and holiday makers using the Pier for rod and line fishing, it was a very popular venue, and it was much missed by these anglers.

The notes below relate to the Hastings fishing industry, and are by no means comprehensive. The Fishermen’s Museum in the Old Town is the place to obtain detailed information.

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