Research Document - Geography of Hastings

Over years of mixed weather conditions certain parts of Hastings beach have amassed beautifully sculpted rocks made from the sandstone cliffs. Large rocks have been worn down and reveal unusual shapes and interesting patterns.

The Sovereign reef lies southwest off the Pier and is notable for supporting a diverse range of species including the Thornback ray, Short-snouted seahorse and Oyster. The Royal Sovereign Light Tower can be seen on the horizon and it marks the southern part of the reef. Other offshore features which are also sandstone and mixed sediments and shingles includes the Horse of Willingdon reef, My Lord’s Rock and the sandstone platform off the Hastings cliffs.

The bays between Beachy Head and Dungeness provide calmer seas with gentle currents but the more open Channel has strong tidal currents and especially off Dungeness tides can be very high as water from the North Sea meets the English Channel waters.

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