Research Document - From Jive to Punk Rock - Bands that have performed on Hastings Pier

Punks on the pier in the late 1970s

Music was an important feature of the entertainment on Hastings Pier from its earliest days. A summer orchestra played there in the 1890s and a municipal orchestra was formed in 1919 offering up to twelve concerts a week in a variety of musical styles, however by the 1950s tastes were changing and the old forms of musical entertainment were beginning to lose their popularity. From the early 1960s, the Pier ballroom enjoyed a resurgence as a musical venue for young people. Whatever it might lack in atmosphere, the building offered a large covered space of 1,500 capacity – though it is widely alleged that 2,000 or more people attended some of the larger events – at the far end of the pier where noise and boisterous activity of teenagers would bother nobody. The downside was that bands had to transport their equipment to the far end of a pier on which vehicles were not allowed. This rule was not always obeyed – André Palfry-Martin tells a story of Pink Floyd taking their van on the pier and it partially going through the decking.

Hastings Pier Charity Volunteer


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