Research Document - Wind and Weather around the Pier

An intrepid person braves the storm in this dramatic picture of Hastings Pier on a wild night.

The most severe storm ever to have struck Hastings was as long ago as February 1287, before the Pier was built. The storm was so severe that the actual outline of the coast was altered. In those days, there was no modern weather recording equipment or coastal defences. The port city of Winchelsea was completely destroyed, to the east of the pier. The cliff at Hastings collapsed and fell, taking with it a part of the castle. The sea washed away the port area of Hastings.

In more modern times the Great storm of October 1987 caused much damage and there was loss of life. However, our modern coastal built defences meant that the sea was prevented on causing the severe material damage to the coast that would have occurred in early periods of history.

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